Preparing for the future


Williams Funerals

Many people are choosing to either pre-pay or pre-arrange their funerals as a means of ensuring that they have the type of funeral they desire. This option alleviates much of the stress and decision making often left to family members or executors.

The Williams family work through all the arrangements and complete all paperwork as necessary; monies paid are invested with an approved investment company and are not released to the funeral director until the contract has been fulfilled.

Pre Paid Funeral Plans offer families peace of mind: the knowledge that all funeral arrangements have been documented and the costs specified.¬†When a Pre Paid Funeral Plan is arranged with Williams Funeral Services your funds are placed in a capital guaranteed Funeral Plan. Our Lifeplan Pre Paid Funeral Plan is fully guaranteed and one of regional South Australia’s largest Pre Paid plans.

It is possible to pre-arrange your funeral without making any payment. Although not achieving cost savings as the Pre Paid method, it goes a long way to relieving family members of the emotional stress associated with discussing funeral arrangements.

Our Community Responsibility

The Williams family believes they have a responsibility as educators in their role as funeral directors and often conduct talks with either individuals or groups about all aspects of their industry.

Their broad knowledge and experience of the funeral industry allows them to talk openly and honestly to schools, church groups, nursing and other health care workers about subjects ranging from bereavement through to the field of mortuary science.

“Our family caring for your family”